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Interesting facts about King Snakes

The Scientific Name
King snakes are under the scientific name of Lampropeltis, which is derived from the Greek words for shiny (Lampro) and small shield (Peltis). This is said to be in reference to the radiance of the dorsal scales, which like small shiny shields make King snakes so vibrantly attractive.

'King' Snakes?
It is believed that King snakes gained their royal title, due to their ability to eat other snakes. Some King snakes are even immune to Rattlesnake and Copperhead venom, so will eat venomous species if given the opportunity. This ability to overcome other and more dangerous snakes has lead them to be crowned King of all snakes, hence the name King Snake.

The Colubridae Family
King Snakes are part of the largest of all the snake families, the Colubrids.  Two-thirds of the world’s snakes are included in this family, which is defined by their preference to kill their prey using constriction. Other snakes in the Colubidae family include Corn Snakes, Rat snakes, Garter snakes, Grass snakes, Hognose snakes and Racers. All Colubrid snakes are considered harmless to humans, which is why many Colubrid species make great pets.

King Snake Families
There are many different families within the King Snake Lampropeltis genus. This website is dedicated to the King Snakes within the getula, calligaster, alterna, mexicana, pyromelana, zonata, ruthveni and triangulum families.